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Hey! Long time no see! Today is Hari Raya, right? So today, me and Tsu Ran went downstairs to play and whenever we saw any Malay neighbours, we would say,"Selamat Hari Raya! " Hahaha!

Hi again!

Hi everyone! Long time no see! It's now still the school holidays. But on Monday, we are going back to school! Time really flies. And it flies so fast! I am so excited. Are you? This holiday has been my busiest one in history! I really hope that I can be less busier when school re-opens. Not so much homework, Not too much scolding from Mrs. Chan. As simple as that. I really hope that Ai Tong School's homework will get lesser for the next 3 years...

Writer's Block: Where the Cheese Goes

What should cheese go on, and what should cheese NOT go on?
Cheese??? I don't like cheese at all. Except for Silton Cheese, that is. But they are very expensive and I don't think that I would get the chance to eat or even see a single slice of Silton Cheese!

Writer's Block: A Last Day Well Spent

If you knew it was your last day on earth, how would you spend the time?
Well, I would say "I Love You" to everyone and "Bye Bye" and I would do the best things to make them spend a good day with me. I would also gather all my family for a dinner at some restaurant near the beach. I would also watch tv at night with my parents.
If you made up your own cereal, what would it consist of, and what would you call it?
Well, my fave marshmallows(Tsu Ran likes marshmallows too), some grapes(Tsu Ran likes grapes too), some oranges and some nice little "xiao bai cai" for deco(Tsu Ran likes "xiao bai cai" too). And I would name this cereal  "Love Tra", for it is Tsu Ran's name and my name together. Tsu Ran Amanda (For short, "Tra")! And why I call it "Tra" is because lots of ingredients inside me and Tsu Ran both like and of course, I "like" Tsu Ran! *shy*

Oh, how I wish

Hi guys, this time, I'm with a very urm... hopeful mood? oh never mind, just take it that I am hopeful. Oh, how I wish that I have a genie who would grant me all my wishes and the first wish I would make is to make Andre don't like me, so I wouldn't be feeling so guilty now. And my second wish would be to find out whether Tsu Ran like me. And for me, the first 3 wishes would be the best wishes I would make. And so, the third wish for me is freedom! Like when I am at Nicia's house. (ok, one thing. I admit that since I went to Nicia's house with Jia Xuan, I have became badder) Shh! Don't say a word about this thing, ok. Teo Jia Xuan doesn't really go. She just went one time and since the second day (which is the day before I have became badder) I have been going downstairs with Nicia with no adults with us! And oh yeah, yesterday, we went to a stationary shop which is behind Nicia's house, but you would have to cross a road! And that is what I call freedom!
Hi again! it's been a long time since I posted a post on my blog. U guys must be bored stiff! Anyways, my maid has came back and I am so happy! And why I have double happiness is because my maid has just came back today and I am going to Genting on 11th of June, which is 6 more days! Ok, I admit that I am quite frustrated during these days all thanks to my school holiday project! Oh never mind, because I had a hard time finding info and pictures and all that. But this double happiness sure came at the right time! :D

Writer's Block: The Only True Question:

If you could go back and fix your most regrettable decision, what would it be, and what would you do differently? Or: Pirates or Ninjas?
I don't know how to answer this writer's block question-although I usually have an answer to each and everyone of the writer's block question. Oh ok, but I'll think that it's ningas, because pirates are usually bad.

Writer's Block: New Appearance...

If you had the chance to go crazy and completely overhaul your appearance, what would you do? Or: Recount a remarkable incident involving insects.
I think I would change my overall appearance, my innocent eyes will become not so innocent and my small mouth, a little bit more bigger.

Well, meeting cancelled

Hi. Yesterday's meeti ngwith Jia Xuan and Nicia was cancelled to today and today's meeting is cancelled to Friday. But today-I am going out with Tsu Ran! I am so happy as I don't get to meet Jia Xuan and Nicia, I get to go out with Tsu Ran! Anyways, you may noticed that I haven't really posted much on my blog nowadays. That's because I'm usually spending my time on Gaia and Friendster! Oh, if you have friendster-add me! My display name is Angel Amy. And Amy is my short name while Angel is my desired name. Also, add my cousin, his display name is alvin_lim_jk-that should be all, goodbye! ^_^